• August. Invited speaker at Brain Stimulation workshop: “Neuromodulation of Vagus Nerve Stimulation”, Birmingham, UK
  • 16-18 May. Invited speaker at “CFP: Neuroethics: Re-Mapping the Field”, Milan, Italy
  • May 12, ASP conference: “Psychophysiology of Action”, Koeln, Germany
  • April 4-7, Bial Foundation’s 12th Symposium “Behind and Beyond the Brain”, on the theme of “Enhancing the Mind”, Porto, Portugal



  • November 19: talk at Psychonomic Society in Boston
  • November 11: course about Cognitive Enhancement at the University of Bochum
  • September 10: course about Cognitive Enhancement in athletic performance at the University of Kassel
  • June 25: talk at ESCAN in Porto
  • June 16: Laura Steenbergen got her PhD at Leiden University
  • June 1: invited talk at the Ruhr-University Bochum
  • April 8: Cognitive Training symposium in Birmingham
  • March 21: talk at TEAP in Heidelberg
  • February 13: preparation meeting ICPS Vienna 2017